Decorating for the Holidays with Violante & Rochford

We love the holidays here at Violante & Rochford! It’s such a beautiful time of year, and we’re thankful for the quality time spent with our friends and loved ones. Also, it’s the best time of year for decorating! There are so many different popular styles of Holiday decorating these days, but we love simple, natural embellishments that give your home a special feel. Our aesthetic is already so inspired by nature that incorporating more natural elements into our spaces doesn’t feel forced – everything looks and feels like it belongs there.

Here are some fabulous ideas we love!


Using pinecones to decorate simply wrapped gifts – we love it when the gifts under a tree look like they belong there.


Pine Sprigs in Ball jars – an easy way to fill your home with the signature scent of the holidays. Other good options are Rosemary or Lavender sprigs, leaving a subtle scent wherever you put them!


Having guests for a holiday meal? These place cards are a such a beautiful way to set the table!

Incorporating found bits of nature into your home doesn’t have to be hard (or expensive!). If you know where to look and think of interesting ways to use what’s already out there, you can make your home a beautiful place to be for the holidays (and all year!)


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