Beautiful Blooms

We love summer in Santa Fe. It is a festival of  bright, vibrant colors juxtaposed with the historic adobe brown walls. Flowers are blooming and gardens are overflowing with rich purples, pinks and yellows.

We love gardens, which is why we have been board members at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden and are passionate about supporting such an important (and local!) organization.


[A picture of our gardens, inspired by the SFBG]

While the Santa Fe Botanical Garden is only 28 years old, it began as a grassroots organization of local gardeners, botanists and environmentally oriented citizens, and has grown to become a valuable community resource through its service and educational programs. Beyond their garden at Museum Hill, they also manage two preserves spanning over 1300 acres.

If you love sunsets, and who doesn’t? Be sure to visit their sunset after hours event for a very special evening. For more information, visit here.

We love all things beautiful, with gardens being at the top of our list. And we bring that love to our home and office with beautiful outdoor spaces that fill our heart and soul everyday.

Happy Gardening!
Paul & Michael


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