It’s Antique Season!

How do you train your eye to look for antiques?

Are you new to the antique shopping business? Are you passionate about older artifacts and looking for a place to begin? Well, we love antiques, and we know you love them too, so we’ve put together our Antique Shopping Guide to inform you on all the questions you should ask and more! These tips will leave you feeling confident and savvy and ready to take on “Antique Alley.”

For starters, you should always  ask  the person you  are buying from  simple  questions about the  condition of the item. What  has  been repaired or  replaced? And see  if you  can  get a little history about  the  item.

If the piece you are inquiring  about  is painted, be sure to  ask whether it  is the  authentic paint or a piece  that has been refinished.  Additionally, it is beneficial to you  to know the type of  wood that was used in  creating the antique. And do  not forget to ask if the hardware on the piece is original, or if it has been replaced. This will help you determine the quality and value of the piece. The more original condition the piece is in, the greater the value.

An antique is naturally going to have age and show that it has been used. It is not uncommon to see a piece that has had something done to it to help make it beautiful and functional. This shouldn’t deter you from purchasing an item, but will inform you on how much you should spend on an item.

When you ask these questions, you are communicating to the dealer that you are well-versed and seasoned in the world of antiques. This will allow you to be as clear as possible with the dealer and ensure you are getting what you pay for.

Enjoy the experience of finding unique artifacts to bring into your home, and remember, like almost everything else, practice makes perfect! Happy antiquing, friends!

Happy Antiquing!
Paul & Michael


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