Where Does the Fern Go?

It’s all in the details. Whether we are designing your home or doing a photo shoot at our studio, we are sticklers about the little things.

As you can see from the video above, getting that one amazing shot takes a lot of planning and arranging. Finding that perfect pillow, or combination of pillows, placing artwork, and creating the ideal lighting, is what we love to do. The details are all a part of creating a finished room that is balanced in colors, proportions and light.

Recently, we had a photo shoot in our studio, with our incredible photographer, Wendy McEahern. In this shot we needed some greens to make the room feel alive. So we decided on some ferns. Which fern was the right fern, was the first question? Then, where does the fern go, high or low, in back or in front?

It took a while, but eventually we decided on our favorite fern which we formerly named…. Fern. Fern looked so vibrant and happy filling the room with energy. As you will see from the video, it took quite some time to get there. Details, details, details, yes, it is all in the details!



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