Fall is Here!

The fresh crisp Fall air and changing of leaves has us eager to mimic nature by crafting transformations in our home. Changing with the seasons is a great time to freshen up your living spaces by bring artwork that is in storage front and center again, an opportunity to work with new colors in throws and decorative pillows, and even a fortuitous reason to go shopping for a few new pieces!

Once you’ve exhausted the easy, breezy Summer look, and are ready for the earthy, soft warmth of Autumn, keep in mind these five design tips to help you breath new life into your decorating.

Happy Fall!

Paul & Michael


Designer Tips

Always edit a room. Sometimes that last thing (lamp, rug, piece of art) you feel you have to have in a room, is unnecessary.  Make sure everything in your house is something you love – don’t have filler for the sake of taking up space.


If you are following trends, look at them with a keen eye and make sure they will stand the test of time.  Our rule in doing any home is:  Will we still like our choices ten years from now? Trends come and go pretty quickly and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on pieces that are dated in a short time.


Don’t be afraid to mix furniture and objects from different time periods and geographic regions.  There is nothing better than a home that looks ‘well collected’ and shows who you are as an individual.  Experiment, play and try things that are unexpected!


Think of your home as a ‘whole’ entity.  Each room can have it’s own personality but make sure there is a ‘flow’ from room to room so that your home does not look choppy.


When putting collections together – group similar objects together. They make a far greater impact, than spreading them around everywhere.




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