Don’t worry, Cause everything is gonna be all white…

Cat on White Sofa

The world of interior design introduces white into the hall of fame.

The power of a white palette is dramatic and welcoming. Layering a room with whites is like producing a space with open arms. Every person, no matter their taste, will want to be present. People smile and feel at home when surrounded by a white space. Conversation and laughter fill the air. White spaces are the happiest kind.

 White is not boring or dull. On the contrary, white creates a unique warmth and adds a classic yet modern character. White home design is purely timeless.

There are so many places to add white to a room… as furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, accent décor, or all of the above.


White is not dirty. Rather, it is practical, crisp and clean. White spaces establish a certain calmness, creating a sleek and fresh slate. A white room is a new beginning, the opening chapter of a story which people will want to sit down and read.

With interior design, this bleached look portrays an upbeat and happy vibe. White is chic and comforting. An ethereal beauty is instilled in a room when white is the main color palette.

Las Campanas Contemporary bedroom


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