The Parade of Homes!

It comes around every year, the Haciendas Parade of Homes! It’s an exciting time for the entire Home Building industry in Santa Fe, as we all come together to celebrate all the amazing work we collaborate on throughout the year. Generous homeowners open their doors to the public to enjoy the craftsmanship and thought that go into making their homes. The last weekend of the event was, August 19-21 and it had an amazing turnout!

With over two dozen homes open during the celebration, we know all the visitors left bursting with inspiration by the end of the weekend.

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We are so excited to share our recent home renovations this year during the Parade! Huge thank you to Woods Design Builders for the work they put in on our home, as well as congratulations on the awards they won this year, especially Best Craftsmanship AND Best Remodel on our very own home! We’re honored to collaborate with such an amazing team in so many beautiful settings. 

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Bringing the Outdoors In

We love nature. Its beauty inspires us in our lives and our work. There are so many ways we incorporate nature into our work, from earth-toned palettes to showcasing an interesting piece of driftwood. But one of our favorite ways is simply to create space in our interiors for living plants. They bring happiness into any room, as well as provide health benefits! They absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde while emitting clean oxygen into the air. Even NASA uses plants in the International Space Station!



Incorporating live plants into your space is a very simple way to elevate your house and give it a more homey feel. As many of you know, Michael is on the Board of Directors at the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens and we would suggest starting there to get inspiration for both the interior and exterior spaces in your home. They have an extensive garden that is just a treat to visit, as well as a great resource when planning what kinds of plants you may want in and around your home. Be sure to tell them we sent you!

The Home Stretch

Our home on East Alameda is just three weeks to completion and move-in day…we are finally in the home stretch of this major transformation to our home. This process has been wonderful, but we are excited to begin decorating!

Our envision of museum white walls, a light and airy palette for our floors, cabinetry that is contemporary, but with a nod to the past, chartreuse for the living room, and a blend of our Spanish and Swedish antique furniture collection with transitional and vintage upholstery….is all coming true!

We hope you enjoy these video clips (below)! For more videos, visit our YouTube channel.

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What It’s Like To Work With Us

 “We want to help create a home that is unique to the individual.  Not having a formula for any one project – each is a one-of-a-kind place – specific to the tastes and needs of the people we often have the good fortune to not only call clients – but good friends.”

We wanted to take a moment this month to share with you a little more about what it’s like to work with us. With over 38 years of experience in the industry between us, our clients can rest assured they’re getting the best-possible team on their side.

We love getting to know our clients – we do our best work when we really get to understand how they live and what they want when they come home every day. Making houses into homes is our passion, and it’s reinforced with every new project.

We scour the market to find genuinely unique, vintage and mid-century pieces for our clients’ homes. We have a flair for mixing traditional and with modern, an eye for that pop of color, and an ability to perfectly blend textures and patterns, in a way that brings a room to life. The spaces we design are not only beautiful, but comfortable for our clients to live in.

Above all, we feel grateful for the opportunity to work with clients all over the country. From New Mexico and Texas, to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the creative collaboration with our clients, who revel in a no-rules aesthetic expression, makes being their designer adventurous and fun. 

V&R Featured in USA Today!

“We love both modern and classic pieces,” Rochford says.
“Just choose something you love and you will be happy to have it for a long time.”

We are just thrilled to be featured in USA Today’s, Transitional Taste, article. What is ‘Transitional design”? It pulls time-tested elements from eras and genres, blending and overlapping two or more distinct styles until there is no longer a clear distinction between them, creating an entirely new style of its own. 

We find this style appeals to fashionable personalities who are comfortable walking the line between two styles. We believe this blended style will stand the test of time precisely because it embraces change. 

For the full article, read below!

Happy Spring!
Paul & Michael

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